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Bracelets are universally liked and donned by men, women and kids as well. Our bracelets speak of finesse and style and take an individual's style quotient a notch higher. From simple designs to contemporary styles, our bracelets can easily be worn by someone who wishes to accessorise its looks with something dashing and elegant. DVN's elegant and simplistic bracelet range is vast and affordable as well..

Leather Bracelets

All leather bracelets are in stock. The wonderful scent of our genuine Leather Bracelets is just one part of their allure. Just click on any of the product images below to find your perfect new bracelet. Explore more 

Toggle Bracelets

Toggle bracelets are perhaps the easiest closed bracelets to take on and off because of their ingenious circle and bar design. Slip the straight bar through the circle and see it lock in place. To achieve a fuller and more fashion forward look, you can stack a couple of toggle bracelets from our collection together and show your daring side!  Explore more 

Gents Bracelets

Trendy bracelets for men is the name of the game when we are talking about latest gents Bracelets. For a fashionable man, new bracelets for men are an addition to their bracelet collection. Men have always been reluctant. Stylish and playful, our bracelets are an ideal kind of jewellery men can flaunt and still not feel overdone. We offer a smart collection of Gents bracelets, with designs befitting for every look, be it casual, formal or festive. Explore more 

Tennis Bracelets

An enduring style, the CZ Studded Tennis bracelet has become a staple of fine jewelry. Our exceptional selection features finely crafted yellow, white, and rose gold plated bracelets showcasing endless rows of perfectly-matched stones. Explore more 

Charm Bracelets

Here, you can find a large number of Charm bracelets . These charms can be in a number of shapes and sizes. These can be heart shapes, sun shaped, stars shaped, pearl shaped, floral shaped, fruits shaped and so on. These are very beautiful and you can find charm bracelets in many materials like Gold, silver, Rose Gold Plated and so on.  Explore more 

Beaded Bracelets

Adorn your wrists with fun, fashionable designer Beaded Bracelets. These delicate bracelets have many styling options and designs, ensuring that your accessorizing is always on trend and appropriate for any occasion. The minimalist appearance of beaded bracelets takes the “less is more approach” while still keeping your jewelry bold and interesting.  Explore more 

Womens Bracelets

We hereby, offer you an exclusive collection of gold plated bracelets, CZ Studded bracelets and bracelets for every occasion. Depending on the colour and stone preference, you can choose the bracelets for your own use or for presenting it to someone you love. Explore more 

Mens Bracelets

You’ll find plenty of high quality, on-trend options of Mens Bracelet. Whatever you’re looking for, add that final touch of style to any look with our unique bracelets for men. From everyday pieces to sentimental bracelets that make an ideal gift, there’s something for every occasion. Discover the full range of men’s bracelets and buy online now.. Explore more 

Chain Bracelets

Emphasize graceful hands and wrists with our Chain Bracelets. Whether you want statement jewelry or a discreet accessory, our chain bracelets add instant flair to any outfit. Explore more 

Fashion Bracelets

From Evil Eye bracelets to Alphabet themed bracelets, we has put together an interesting range of Bracelets for women as well as men. The exciting selection of bracelets based on Classic, Contemporary, Floral, Heart, Butterfly and Alphabet themes.  Explore more 

Figaro Bracelets

Surprise the special men in your life with our classic and modern Figaro Bracelets to complement their eclectic sense of style. Experiment with different patterns of figaro bracelets to enhance any type of outfit, be it casual or dressy. A sturdy jewelry box will keep your beautiful trinkets safe and also look pretty, sitting on your dressing table. Explore more 

Girls Bracelets

This collection has dainty bracelets that vary in design, artwork and thickness. Decode your style from a combination of pretty and classic Girls Bracelet. From minimal CZ's collection of unique multi-strand bracelets to beautiful gemstone cuffs, we have a houseful of all things bright and beautiful to add a touch of bling to your wrist. Explore more 

Toggle Heart Bracelets

Many women of all ages love the look of a heart bracelet. A Toggle Heart Bracelet is one particular kind that can feature a wide variety of different kinds of stylized hearts. Toggle Heart can be found in a variety of different sizes and they can be made from silver, gold and more. Choose a bracelet and enjoy the simple beauty of a toggle heart on our fabulous chain. Explore more 

Heart Bracelets

Many women of all ages love the look of a heart bracelet. Our Heart Bracelet is one particular kind that can feature a wide variety of different kinds of stylized hearts. It can be found in a variety of different sizes and they can be made from silver, gold and more. Choose a bracelet from our collection and enjoy the simple beauty of a heart.  Explore more 

Filigree Bracelets

Putting on a gracious balance of craftsmanship, strength, and beauty, the Filigree Bracelets are designed for different age groups and various occasions. Painstakingly handmade, our Filigree Bracelets are for those who want to wear purpose around their wrists – a purpose to promote the beautiful art of filigree. Explore more 

Pearl Bracelets

Pearl Bracelets top the list among those looking for pearl studded jeweleries. Simple designs for everyday wear as well as chic patterns for evening wear, make for the tremendous collection of Pearl Bracelets. Pearl Bracelets are highly popular among all jewellery lovers and make for stunning jeweleries that can be matched with different outfits.  Explore more 

ID Bracelets

Check out our wonderful selection of ID bracelets. Whether you are shopping for gold plated jewelry or a sterling silver bracelet, our variety is sure to have something for everyone. Engravable jewelry means you can etch in your child's name, or give a special piece to dad for a Father's Day gift. Identification bracelets are a classic look that is also so on trend.   Explore more 

Hip Hop Bracelets

Our men's Hip Hop Bracelets all use the highest grade of materials, from our stones to our gold/silver/rose gold plated hip hop bracelets. Meanwhile, our creative vision for some of our most popular Collection, offers a fresh look in a saturated market. We continue to combine the highest quality of materials to create some of the most fashionable and iconic hip hop and streetwear items that redefine the standards of men's bracelets. Explore more 

Gloves Bracelets

This is where you will find our large selection of Glove Bracelets in a variety of property. Would you like to know more about our glove bracelet? We provide you good quality glove bracelet with good price and service.  Explore more 

Curb Bracelets

Our Curb Bracelets are made with the highest commitment to make each item truly unique. Whatever your preferred style, our Curb Chains are made and designed to last a lifetime. Here, we never underestimate the importance of your choice, and will only offer you our highest quality to ensure your Curb Bracelets are made perfect. For our complete collection, visit our category. Explore more