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Earrings are one of the primary form of the jewellery found throughout the history. However, the basic function of earrings is to complement ones ear, as it’s evidently placed near the face. Take a look at our dazzling set of Earrings, or maybe you're looking for something with an amethyst or emerald. No matter what you're looking for, our wide selection of amazing Earrings is nothing short of fabulous.

Gemstone Earrings

We have Gemstone Earrings with some cute designs too. Here, we present heartwarming colours of gems in wallet friendly prices in our Gemstone Earring Collection. Yes, our precious gemstone earrings prices are unbelievably affordable. So what are you waiting for you? Buy the ones that you love right away. Explore more  

Religious Earrings

Symbols of Faith is our Religious Collection of Jewelry. Our symbols of faith include Saint Jude, Saint Death etc and are all ideal gifts for a Christian commemoration. Explore more  

Diamond Cut Bangle Earrings Without V

Delicate and refined, this Diamond Cut Bangle Earrings Without V is a timeless treasure, which is a sleek design and enhanced with diamond-cut detailing that offers maximum sparkle potential. She's certain to adore such classic Earrings. Explore more  

Seminario Earrings

Shop Seminario Earrings,through our selection of Three Tone Plated Earrings, for huge selection. Earrings plays important role in women’s life. We have an exclusive variety of Seminario Earrings as in 14KT , 18KT , 22KT , 24KT Three Tone Plated Earrings at wholesale prices. Explore more  

Pearl Earrings

Wearing pearls to work has been a trend for a long time now. The best part about them is that we have teamed with many other gemstones or metal to change their appearance. We have even coupled pearls with diamonds to create wonders. Take your time, explore through our collection and buy a piece that suits your style and budget. Explore more  

Dangler Earrings

Dangle earrings are the perfect eye-catching accessory that adds a touch of elegance to any look. Our wide selection of beautifully crafted Dangle Earrings is sure to add the "wow" factor to any outfit. With over many styles to choose from, there is the perfect pair of Dangle Earrings to complement everyone's individual style.  Explore more  

Clip Earrings

The speciality of our Clip on earrings is they make a perfect way to decorate your ear lobes without the pain of having them pierced. From stunning Studs to gorgeous Drop Earrings,there is a wide range of styles available, and they are versatile enough to wear for almost any occasion. Explore more  

Solitaire Earrings

Choose beauty and radiance with our Solitaire Earrings. Solitaire earrings are distinct because they consist of only one diamond in the earring. Because of their simplicity, elegance and pure sparkle, solitaire earrings are the perfect match to accompany every look; they go with anything! Find solitaire earrings in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and more, along with stunning selections. Explore more  

Basket Hoop Earrings

Our Basket Hoop Earrings are taken inspiration from basket, which are made with high quality anti-allergy brass alloy. It is further laquered for longer same look and feel. A good daily wear product, and an ideal gifting option, which matches well with all Indian or Western Dresses. Explore more  

Lace Hoop Earrings

Our Lace Earrings are unique and fun to wear. Thus, it is an excellent choice for bridal jewelry. We invite you to take a look at our Lace Jewelry Collection. Crafted by hand, our unique designs reflect the vision of artisans from around the world. Explore more  

Gallery Earrings

Our collection of Gallery Earrings showcases an array of designs – delicate and subtle, bold and statement. The Gallery Earrings Collection brings forth the extraordinary skills of filigree artists through a wide-ranging variety. These free-flowing forms are handmade with intricate techniques. The designs are created keeping in mind key elements of comfort, convenience, and different occasions. Explore more  

Mythological Earrings

Our Christian Mythological Earring Collection is a perfect reminder of faith in God and makes perfect First Communion gifts, baptism gifts, or christening gifts. Our love and faith jewelry make symbolic wedding gifts. Explore more  

CZ Studded Earrings

Find the perfect pair of CZ Studded Earrings for any occasion. Featuring classic, trendy, modern and unique styles that draw inspiration from the beautiful vintage eras. Shop our amazing collections for the perfect accessory to complement your wardrobe. Explore more  

Alphabet Earrings

Mix and match your Alphabet Earrings with single studs or drops, meaningful symbols designed by our Inhouse Designers. Available in sterling silver, gold and rose gold; which is a perfect match for everyday wear.  Explore more  

CZ Studded Hoop Earrings

Looking for a touch of class to dress up your outfit? Choose from a wide selection of our CZ Studded Hoop Earrings in gold, silver and sterling silver varieties. We offer unique designs and details in each pair of CZ's Hoop Earrings. As contemporary as they are chic, our Earrings also come studded with gemstones, which add a little sparkle to any casual look. Explore more  

Pearl Set Stud Earrings

You might find a blend of ethnic and contemporary designs in this collection, some are cast with a good amount of CZ's and other Gemstones as well. In Pearl Set Stud Earrings, you will find options, from stunning florals to delicate studs, from daily wear to wedding or festive wear options. Explore more  

Journey Collection

Lasting symbols of love, commitment and togetherness. Crafted in lustrous Gold, Silver and Rose Gold Plated with CZ studded stones with brilliant cuts, these beautiful Journey Earrings are just the right pick to celebrate the journey of your life and love. Explore more  

Twisted Earrings

For casual looks and nights out, our Twisted Earrings will be the perfect finishing touch. We have a subtle enough design that you can wear them every day, while the hoop design brings the right amount of spark when you want to add a pop to your look. Hoop style and textured design bring a pop of interest to any outfit. Explore more  

Leather Earrings

Handcrafted, lightweight Leather Earrings inspired by nature and designed to make every woman feel bold, beautiful and confident. Explore more  

Fashion Earrings

Whatever the style you choose, earrings are an integral part of a wardrobe. Stepping out in a perfect pair of Our Fashion Earrings can have a lasting effect on a woman's personality, style and confidence. Buy your favorite design among the Fashion Earring Collection of our's at the best price ever and have a happy online shopping experience. Explore more  

Fancy Shaped Hoop Earrings

Choose from a beautiful selection of Fancy Shaped Hoop Earrings of precious metals and stones. Find hoops incorporated in our favorite collection with so many colors and styles to choose from, the perfect pair of Fancy Hoops Earrings is just a click away.  Explore more  

Textured Earrings

Discover the perfect piece of jewellery to complement your look. Choose from XL pieces, eye-catching Textured Statement Earrings with various textures and cuts on it. Minimalist designs or colorful pieces to add a splash of style to your outfit.  Explore more  

Micro Pave Earrings

Our Micro Pave Earrings are hot and selling like crazy, where all stones are hand set by prongs. Very detailed and high quality CZ Studded stones gives these earrings an amazing shine.  Explore more  

Cubic Zirconia Set Stud Earrings

If you have your ears pierced you can totally get stuck with some average CZ Studded Stud Earrings, but check out our range for something a bit different and of course, totally stylish. From bling to basic, novelty or classic, supe up your collection for some serious style. Explore more  

Animal Earrings

There is a touch of surprise in every pair of our Animal Earrings where each pair of earrings has been created and inspired from various animals by the artists: elephant, seahorses, cats and many more.. Explore more  

Plain Hoop Earrings

Ah, hoops; a classic choice. Plain Hoop Earrings are distinct because of their circular shape. Our wide selection of Plain Hoops come in all different lengths and designs, perfect for everyday wear or an elegant evening out on the town. Explore more  

Stud Earrings

Vintage or modern, classic or contemporary. Whatever your style is, there is a stud earring set to match. These earrings come in a variety of styles and designs, from heart and geometric shapes to birthstones and halo finishes. Explore more  

Filigree Earrings

In this "Complete Collection" of Filigree Earrings, please have a look at our wide range of Jewellery and artifacts that includes minute filigree work, and ensure that each carefully created piece exudes precision and beauty and craftsmanship. We are seekers of fresh ideas and so we create bespoke Filigree Jewelry – as unique and individualistic as you are. Explore more  

Chandelier Earrings

Your jewelry collection is not complete until you add an amazing, dazzling pair of our Chandelier Earrings. This big and bold style of jewelery is in high demand as they are trendy and sexy. With gold or silver selections, you can add that extra bit of fun to your club outfit, party dress or date night look. Explore more  

Trilogy Collection Earrings

A classic pair of Trilogy Earrings, features a brilliant cut CZ Studded stones with post fittings. This elegant pair of CZ Studded Trilogy Earrings would compliment any outfit and are great for everyday wear. View our stunning collection available and matching pendants.  Explore more  

Diamond Cut Bangle Earrings With V

We are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters optimum qualities Diamond Cut Earrings. By using tools and equipment, our craftsmen design these earrings as per the prevailing market trends. These Diamond Cut Earrings with V offered by us are known for their appealing design and are available with us in all the standards sizes. Explore more  

Omega Clip Earrings

Here you will find the best selection of Omega Clip Earrings. Women love this style of jewelry because it is secure and totally cute to wear. They won’t slide off or get lost because they have a special secure closure. If you have a pair of our Omega Earring that use the omega earring back and they are too tight for your ear lobe, you can easily loosen them so that they are more comfortable. Explore more  

Heart Shape Earrings

At DVN, we have an amazing array of gold, silver, and rose gold Heart Shape Earring designs. From simple designs to exquisite jewellery studded with CZ's and other precious stones, the range of options available online will leave you at loss for words. Just browse through some of the Heart Jewellery Collections online and you will be amazed to see the ways designers experiment with this modest motif.  Explore more