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Chains are the foundation to any necklace. Worn on their own or as a necklace base, chain necklaces range in length, weight and thickness. Thicker Chain necklaces are typically worn on their own to create a bold statement. Our extensive selection of chain necklaces, including silver plated and gold plated chains, has sophisticated pieces for both men and women. Chain necklaces also make a beautiful addition to a layered necklace look paired with a choker or other necklaces at varying lengths.

CZ Studded Chains

You will love our collection of CZ Studded Chains! More affordable than diamonds, cubic zirconia necklaces can sparkle just as much with light and beauty. These necklaces are perfect for a casual summer look or a simple 16 inch Sparkling CZ Studded Chains to spruce up your office attire.Explore more  

Rope Chains

Rope chains are designed by intertwining two strands of gold together to get the appearance of a rope and is characterized by a distinctive spiral look, and can be machine-made or hand-made. Machine-made chains are finished quickly and have a more uniform design but they cannot be crafted with elaborate patterns. A hand crafted rope gold chain, on the other hand can be designed with intricate patterns which makes the process little more time consuming.Explore more  

Snake Chains

Our Snake Chains have highly polished surfaces to resemble the sleekness of snakes. They feel comfortable, smooth and luxurious on your skin. Extravagant & Self indulgent, the chains drape themselves on you like silvery silk. A shiny necklace and/or bracelet in the snake style will make a classic addition to your wardrobe.Explore more  

Link Chains

Looking for Link Chain Necklace with fine material and superior quality? We can provide you all your needs for the product. The bright color and trendy style will make your life more colorful, you can find anything you want. Don't hesitate, buy them now enjoy fast shipping and the best offer!.Explore more  

Hollow Chains

You can buy our Hollow Chain in a variety of lengths too: 16", 18", 20", 22" and 24 inches. It's perfect to wear with pendants and charms, or as a stand-alone piece of jewelry. Explore more  

Singapore Chains

Best selling style of chain necklaces, the Singapore is a must for everyone. The singapore style of chain floats lightly and elegantly along your neckline, airy and delicately-crafted yet deceptively strong. Browse and find white, rose gold and yellow gold plated chains available in many lengths and sizes. Explore more  

Figaro Chains

Our Figaro chain provides a trendy alternative to chains with the usual uniformly sized links. The Figaro chain is a fashionable version of the curb chain. It uses the curb chain style of flattened links. However, the Figaro Chain does not have one uniformed sized links.Explore more  

Mens Chains

Curb chains, figaro chain and belcher chain are just a few of our many styles of men's chains. Our chains such as gold plated chains for men, come in a variety of lengths, width and chain types, giving you plenty of options to choose the best look that's right for you. Shop Men's necklaces in handsome and sophisticated styles and designs, including necklaces with CZ's for an accessory that will add to his already impressive style. Explore more  

Curb Chains

Our Curb Chains are made with the highest commitment to make each item truly unique. Whatever your preferred style, our Curb Chains are made and designed to last a lifetime, and we never underestimate the importance of your choice, and will only offer you our highest quality to ensure your Curb Chains are made perfect. For our complete collection, visit our category.  Explore more  

Fashion Chains

A wonderful collection of Fashion Chains. Intricate designs and varying mixtures of white, rose and yellow gold plated all come together to give an excellent choice of stylish and elegant chain necklaces. Explore more  

Belcher Chains

A popular choice of chain in both women's and men's jewellery. The Belcher Chain is comprised of links that are domed on the outside and flat on the inside. It is perfect for wearing as a solo chain in the wider gauges and is also an elegant choice for a pendant chain. Explore more  

Beaded Chains

Celebrate the season with a new twist. A classic starter for jewelry making, our metal Bead Chain Necklaces can be strung for necklaces and key chains. Add your own beads or charms to create your unique look. Shine bright with our Beaded Chain that twinkles in the light. 

Anchor Chains

You will quickly discover, when browsing through our selection of Anchor Chain Necklaces, that the range of products offered on our website is very diverse. We carry cool patterns that will appeal to many different types of men/women of all ages who wear chic and stylish accessories. Help to make a big fashion statement with virtually any one of the choices we offer. Getting a well-groomed look is a benefit you will discover instantly with a new purchase of a smart piece of trendy jewelry.. Explore more  

Byzantine Chains

The Byzantine chain combines a rope like texture with a fascinating textural design. The chains are supple and flexible, draping gracefully on your skin. Interwoven links turn byzantine style jewelry pieces into real eye-catchers that draw huge compliments. Explore more